Trash to Treasure: S.S. Seward Institute Students
Build a Beautiful Butterfly Mural
(With a little help from Roe Brothers Staff Members, Customers and Community).

Think of what you toss out every single day.? Can it be reused, repurposed and up-cycled. The Students and facility at Seward Institute, thought so.
At the request of faculty member Janice Bonagura, students placed a box in the Roe Brothers vestibule to collect plastic caps of all shapes, colors, sizes. Our enthusiastic customers tossed in everything from Mayonnaise to Toothpaste tops.
Staff member Janice Palladino, donated a series of Student Empowerment Games that were created by her late sister, a former child advocate. These games were raffled, raising funds to purchase a drill for the students to utilize.
It took 4-years from concept to completion, but this is the result of this teamwork: The S.S. Seward Institutes Butterfly and Wildflower Mural.
When schools, community members and local businesses come together, it is amazing what can be created.
Roe Brothers
65 Maple Ave Florida, NY 10921
(845) 651-4025

S. S. Seward Institute
Janice Magliari Palladino

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