NEW PRODUCTS: Instead of shelving them, we’ve showcased them!


We Made Shopping in our Store a Bit Simpler…

Roe Brothers receives so many NEW, HOT products every single week, that it is impossible to tell you about all of them.
So, instead of shelving them, we’ve showcased them!

Look for the table in the entrance of the store for new items every week!
*Gorilla Tap in Groovy New Colors!
*BALL Preserving Products and Mason Jars
*NEBO PAL+ Flashlight/Folding Knife
*Quick-Setting Quikrete Cement
*Mouse Shield to keep the rodents OUT!
*AND 42 Gallon Demo Bags
There is so much more, in-store @ Roe Brothers!
Roe Brothers
65 Maple Ave Florida, NY 10921
(845) 651-4025
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