Searching for a Low Maintenance, Moisture Proof, Never Have To Sand Or Stain Deck? Roe Has the Solution: MOISTURE SHIELD! 

Anyone who has chosen a treated lumber deck for the exterior of their home, usually begins to regret the decision approximately 5-10 years into the purchase. After years of cleaning, brightening, sanding, filling and staining, plus exhaustion and expense of  repair, you come to realize that you are spending the same amount of money maintaining the lumber deck as you would have if you purchased a composite deck to begin with. 

Why Moisture Shield?

Roe Brothers recommends to our clients for both commercial and residential uses, Moisture Shield Composite Decking.  This is the strongest and only composite deck boards in the industry that can be installed in the ground, on the ground or underwater without any structural performance issues. 

What Makes Moisture Shield So Strong?

Why is Moisture Shield so strong? Their Solid Core Technology. It is an impermeable barrier that fights damage from moisture, rot, insects and other harmful elements. Solid Core  maintains its integrity even after ripping and cutting, mitigating warranty issues and long-term damage. The result is a long lasting, low maintenance decking material specially engineered to last for years to come.

Features of a Moisture Shield Deck: 

  1. No warping or rotting
  2. Zero structural field failures in 30+ years
  3. Virtually no moisture absorption
  4. Resists damage from insects
  5. Long lasting, low maintenance

A Brand We Truly Trust:

Roe Brothers has unwavering faith in the integrity and durability of Moisture Shield products. We recommend it to all of our retail, restaurant, commercial grade clients. Also, homeowners who are looking for a “virtually zero” maintenance experience or are planning an exterior deck that will be subject to harsh weather conditions. 

Stop in see why Roe Brothers stocks Moisture Shield Composite Decking. We will work with you to create the outdoor deck experience of your dreams.