Yep, Roe Brothers Is STILL The Number 1 Lumber & Building Product Distributor In the Orange County Area

Over the past two years,  Roe Brothers has grown our business and continues to offer our customers new product categories and services (such as our Interior Design Showroom and expanded Window and Door Department). But with so many changes and upgrades, we want to remind our customers that we are still the Number 1 Lumber and Product Distributor in Lower Orange County. Our roots are in lumber. For over 100 years we have worked to offer generation after generation of builders, contractors and homeowners the best lumber available at a fair market price.


Pressure treated lumber, known simply as “PT” in the construction industry, is usually made from spruce or yellow pine trees. It  is treated  with chemicals to preserve the wood against water damage and taste bad to damaging insects like termites and carpenter bees. The chemicals are “forced” into the wood (via pressure) to maximize their effectiveness.

At Roe Brothers we stock Madison Wood Pressure Treated Lumber from the state of Virginia. We trust Madison Wood for the Best Practices when processing and shipping lumber to their partners. Madison Wood is treated with mold inhibitor as well as preservative; dried  via two propane powered dry kilns and covered with a weather-resistant wrapping.

Tarped trucks, indoor storage, multiple inspections, automated handling equipment, and consistent treatment practices are all measures that ensure customers get bright, freshly processed material on every order.


Untreated lumber lighter, easier to saw and nail. It is also less expensive that the treated version and is perfect for projects involving children (such as outdoor play sets) animals (such as chicken coops and dog pens) and plants (such as gardens and boarders. It is also perfect for indoor use where the weather and insects are not an issue.


Whether you are searching for LVL’s, Plywood, Moulding, Framing Lumber, Ship Lap, Metal Roofing & Materials, Concrete, Decking, Hardware, Tools and even Workwear … Roe Brothers is your SOURCE for everything needed for your building project.

 From Cinderblock to Chimney Top, Foundation to Frame, Get Your Building Project Done, Right @ Roe!