Picking New Cabinetry Or Refinishing Old? The Job Is Not Complete Until You Accent It With Emtek Hardware!

Congratulations! You’ve chosen to replace your existing kitchen and bath cabinets or decided to take on the task of refinishing! The job is only half completed until you customize element with new hardware.

Individualizing the details of your doors, cabinets, drawers, and closets is important. It expands far beyond defining how you can open, close, and secure a space.  Each choice is an opportunity to express your uniqueness and creativity. And, it is an invitation to have visitors and family experience your home and reflect your personality. Are You …Classic, Quirky, Trendy, Whimsical, Minimalistic? All are possible when you choose Emtek Hardware to complete your cabinetry project.


INNOVATIVE DESIGNS: Emtek Designers take their inspiration for the products from various aspects of life. Incorporating ideas from The Fashion World, The Arts & Museums, The Global Market and Science & Technology. And their artists collect, examine and explore the latest trends and create their collections based on beauty, functionality and durability.

BUILT TO ORDER: Emtek Hardware is not an off-of-the-shelf product. Each item is personalized and built for you. This process enables our customers to choose from a limitless range of options from their  catalog and is supported by a team of skilled artisans in Industry, California who handcraft each and every piece of hardware.

QUICK TURNAROUND: Depending on the size of the order, most of the Custom-assembled locks are typically shipped within 2 – 3 business days Most dealers receive orders within five business days of the order being placed.


Stop into Roe Brothers and step into our Home Décor Showroom. Whether you are looking for a quick project (like replacing your cabinetry hardware) or a total interior renovation, our design specialists and sales staff can help you take your project, from plan to perfect.