Spring Forward: Seasonal Cleaning Has Commenced at Roe Brothers!

Throw open the doors, raise the windows & let the fresh air in. It is time to clean out the dust bunnies and brush away the cobwebs!  Spring Cleaning has commenced, and Roe Brothers is ready to assist, with our the freshly stocked Cleaning and Organizing Dept. 

Need to Sweep Away the Salt and Make Your Floors Gleam & Glow?

Roe Brothers features Bona Wood Floor Products in our Showroom. 

From Hardwood Floor Cleaners to Power Plus Hard Surface Cleaners to Spray Mops and Replacement Pads. Every home’s hardwood floor is unique and special. And That’s why the Bona cleaning formulations are designed to be residue free, non-toxic, and fast drying. They clean effectively and safely so you can relax and enjoy. 

Mrs. Meyers Clean Day Is the Healthy Way to Clean Your Home

Rooted in Goodness & made with plant-derived ingredients, essential oils and other thoughtfully formulated ingredients, their products work hard against dirt and grime, but they’re absolutely delightful to use. And their wonderful scents brighten days and bring all the loveliness of the garden inside.

Black Mold and Green Gunk All Over Your Siding, Stonework And Roof? We Can Wash It Away

Winter can be brutal on your home’s exterior. Sudden warm weather will sprout all sorts of moss, grasses and lots of ugly ick on your driveway and deck! So, Stop into Roe Brothers for Spray & Forget, Wet & Forget and Simple Green Products. A simple spray, a bit of letting it sit and then wash away with your garden hose or a heavy-duty sprayer. 

Windex & Libman & Clorox, Oh My!

Our Cleaning and Storage section features dozens of major brands of cleaning products for your entire home, plus some hard to find labels. So, if you are looking to clean everything from your bathrooms and bedrooms down to your basement, we have a cleaner that is just right for the job at Roe Brothers. 

Roll over to Roe Brothers and let the sun shine in!