Take A Seat. Tell Us How We Can Help?

Customers are often taken aback when walking into our showroom. The store is not your typical hardware store. But what really captures their attention is the stool in front of each workstation.  It is there for your convenience and comfort. We want you to sit down, relax and talk to us about what you are looking to accomplish. What makes Roe Brothers unique is our ability to help take your projects from Plan to Perfect. 

How Roe Brothers Is Different

The current state of hardware stores and lumber yards is “big box, wham/bam  and in-and-out, scan and go.” No personal service. No one available to answer your questions. The store is lacking staff who have the product, project and building knowledge. Salesmen who can instruct you on what you need to complete the job, correctly.  

Since 1886 Roe Brothers Has Help Hundreds of Families & Professionals Take Their Projects From Plan To Perfect

With the upturn in the housing market, many homeowners are making improvements on their home and investments on their property. Roe Brothers delighted to help our old friends and new, by planning new projects and procuring the supplies and products needed to make our clients wishes, happen. 

Call us. If you are thinking about starting a project but not sure where to begin or how to plan and execute properly, we are here to help. Each of our salesman has a stool that you can sit down on, talk to us about the project and let us help you build the deck/patio/pole barn/windows/doors/paint/bathroom/kitchen/garden that you desire. Take a seat. Spend some time. Let us help.