Pool Products, BBQ Tools & Pest Control: Get It Right @ Roe

July is upon us and summer is in full swing. Need to quickly pick up some  products without heading to a Big Box outlet or a grocery store? Get It Right @ Roe.

SOME LIKE IT HOT! BBQ And Outdoor Fires 

Need charcoal, fire starters, spatulas, gloves, fire logs, flavor enhancers and even propane; Roe Brothers has the items you need to plan a perfect summer cookout or s’mores around the firepit!  Stop by our Grill & Glow Department and stock up for the long holiday weekend.


Nothing is better than a dip in the pool on a hot summer afternoon. Your downtown, hometown all season store has all the products you need to keep your outdoor water oasis, clean, safe and crystal clear. Chlorine, shock, tests, algae control, clarifier, increaser/decreaser and skimming tools.


Deep summer and early autumn are time when you “fight the bite.” Mosquitos can ruin your most perfect picnic, and no one wants to be swatting at flies while indulging in a tasty burger. Make a quick stop into Roe Brothers for all the sprays, candles, lotions (and even bracelets for your wrist) to keep the bugs at bay while you enjoy your day. 

For almost 150 years, Roe Brothers has been standing at the corner of Maple and Jayne Street in Florida, NY. Although much has changed since the late 1800’s, one thing will never change: our ability to do what we can for our customers. Our loyalty to our customer base is why we are still here. We know that you can easily stop and shop at the local Big Box Store, so we try to make a extra effort. Feel free to stop in anytime and let us know how Roe can help you to grow.