Roe Brothers is DELIGHTED to announce We Are The OFFICIAL and ONLY Farrow & Ball Paint and Paper Dealer in the Lower Hudson Valley – Orange, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster, Delaware County. No more need to drive to Paramus NJ, or Poughkeepsie, NY to visit a Farrow & Ball Showroom. Roe Brothers is located in the Home of the Hudson Valley. Unfamiliar with the Farrow & Ball name and reputation? Let us take a moment to explain why Roe Brothers is overjoyed and excited to be chosen to offer this paint line to our clients. 

The Difference –  Farrow & Ball Blends Rich Reflective Pigments To Create Their Colors

Sitting in a painted room inside your home, you will notice that as the light changes throughout the day, paint color that can look lovely in the morning, may deepen to a dark and different tone once the light fades. The color does not HOLD.  Farrow & Ball paint colors are chosen and created by the way they react to different forms of light  Their  immersive paint colors are blended with a balance of rich pigments and generous amounts of light-reflecting titanium dioxide, meaning that, as the day goes on, the varying undertones in every hue can become more or less prominent. And Farrow & Ball colors cannot be replicated. Their proprietary  combination of tints, plus their unique paint bases cannot be copied by other paint lines. A gallon of Farrow and Ball Paint is truly unique and can only be matched by another of the same emulsion. 

Loving Mother Earth – Clean & Ecofriendly In Each Can

Most paint companies add plastics to their emulsion as filler. Farrow and Ball is a clay and water-based blend. The cleanliness of the material makes them one of the most ecofriendly paints on the market, and the CLEAN ingredients also make for very rich pigments. Plus, Farrow & Ball’s superior A+ VOC rating for Interior Air Emissions means that it is healthier for your family and baby safe. Low odor. No nasty solvents. Gentle formulas. 

Time Tested – More Coverage Per Can & Lasting Durability

Depending upon chosen finish, Farrow & Ball paint provides more coverage per gallon on all interior paint formulas. Anywhere from 480- 570 feet depending upon choice of interior finish. Most off-of-the-shelf paint lines average 330 feet per gallon. More coverage, per can. 

Plus, since Farrow & Ball paint is long-lasting and formulated to be durable, there is no need to constantly repaint due to wear and tear. 

Stop in and see what Roe Brothers has in-store for you in our Farrow & Ball Home Décor Showroom. Once you notice the difference in the Farrow & Ball Formulation, we think that you will decide that it is the paint for your home improvement project.