3 Reasons Why Moulding Matters In Home Design.

When you walk into a home for the first time you immediately notice it. The difference between rooms that contain moulding and those that do not. It’s in the details. Plain walls have no imagination and seem stark, cheap and less “homey”. Decorative trim makes the difference in any house. It can turn a simple building into a customized HOME. 

Why Moulding?

It Accentuates the Features that Already Exist In the Room:

Fireplace, cabinetry, picture windows are all beautiful details that bring interior spaces together and make them your own. Moulding customizes the features of your home and gives each room a decorative trim that is individual to your house. It helps to emphasize the focal points in each room and presents a “final touch” to make it look finished and complete. 

Immediate Reaction is Exclusiveness & Moneyed: 

Look at your  ceiling, what do you notice? Is the area where the wall meets the ceiling, boring and plain? Is it simply the joining of two 90-degree angles? Something you would see in any retail  building or commercial space? Now what happens when you had Crown Moulding or Baseboards? Suddenly the room has character and takes on an air of “upscale”, “cared for” & “luxurious.”  Ornamentation  differentiates you from the house next door. And if you choose to sell your home in the future, moulding and trim vastly increases the value of your investment. 

Kids, Dogs, Scratches and Scrapes:

Rooms are lived in spaces. Whether it is the kitchen, dining room, den or other space, your family (and pets) are constantly  moving, spilling, kicking, bumping, scratching and scraping. Moulding helps protect your living space from accidents, holes, wear and tear. Chair rails and wainscoting were developed to prevent damage to paint, drywall, and walls. It helps to keep your home looking new and beautiful. 

AND It Is Affordable: 

There are multiple choices when it comes to adding moulding to the rooms in your home. Solid Wood Moulding is the most natural choice when it comes to trim, but it is also the more expensive option. It works well in high moisture areas such as your bathroom and it hold up better to damage. Since it is cut from lumber, it will warp, bulge and split  over time and it needs to be cared for and cleaned regularly  to keep its beauty. 

Another option is Medium Density Fiberboard Moulding (MDF), a composite material commonly made of wood fibers and resin formed by high pressure and heat process. MDF is the more affordable choice when adding trim to your home and can be used in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where moisture and humidity is present. 

Roe Brothers Proudly Stocks Garden State Lumber Moulding in a variety of styles and collections. Feel free to look at possible options in the links below, or stop by our showroom to see what we can do for you.