Yep, We Are Still Your Number #1 Place In Orange County, NY For Lumber & Building Supplies!

We thought it would be a good time to remind you of who we are at Roe Brothers. LUMBER! In the last five years, our focus has been to expand our offerings to our customers to include Cabinetry, Prime Windows, Metal Roofing & Composite Decking. We’ve created a new showroom to highlight choices. Decorative tile, superior paint and vinyl and wood flooring. But at our core, Roe Brothers is still #1 when in comes to WOOD. We are contractor’s Choice for Lumber and Building Supplies in the Hudson Valley.


Since 1886, our core business has been supplying premier spruce and treated lumber. Plus, paint and building supplies to contractors, carpenters, and builders in the New York Tri-State area. Local tradesman would choose Roe Brothers to be the main supplier. For their construction & other projects because of our reputation for quality products. We partner with only the best wood, pipe and metal manufacturers and distributors (such as Madison Wood, Fabral Roofing, & Timber-Tech Composite Decking), so that our clients receive the finest materials. The best “bang” for their buck. We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, having them return to Roe Brothers to source materials for each job they undertake. 


As homeowners, understanding the importance of purchasing long-lasting, well-constructed building materials as part of the investment in their home, they have turned to Roe Brothers as the source of their home upgrades and improvements. They know that there is long-term cost savings in purchasing a product that will last 40 years, as opposed to 20 years. 


If you are looking for indelible, long-term materials that will last for years, (as opposed to big box, off of the shelf, make cheaply in a foreign place items that need to be replaced every 10 years) Roe Brothers is your choice, (since 1886). 

Those in the Know, Go To Roe.