Things to Consider When Planning a Tile Backsplash

One of the easiest and stylish ways to update the look of your home, without huge expense or mess is to consider adding or replacing an existing backsplash in your kitchen or bath.

A new backsplash is a contemporary upgrade that can transform the entire look of a room, without the expense of purchasing new appliances. If done correctly, adding tile to your kitchen, bath or other room, will actually make it appear as if you had an entire renovation. 

Roe Brothers has explored many tile manufacturers to offer to our clients, but after much experience and feedback we are delighted to offer Daltile Tile to Roe customers. Daltile is the USA’s  leading producer of porcelain tile, ceramic tile and stone. 

Why Did We Choose To Offer Our Customers Daltile? 

Made in the USA: One third of the decorative tiles sold in America is Daltile. Also, Daltile’s tile is sourced in the United States and manufactured in one of their 9 ultra-modern, environmentally friendly facilities.  Domestic production means that Roe Brothers can get your chosen product to you quicker! So you can complete your project in a timely manner. 

Healthier For Us: The handling and attention given to raw elements at Daltile manufacturing plants guarantees that their products have no VOCs, no PVCs, no lead – so no worries! It is kinder to the environment, the planet, your home and family. 

Daltile Sets the Tone for Other Manufacturers: 

Good tile will last a decade, GREAT TILE will last a lifetime. When choosing raw materials for production, Daltile selects only the finest products that can live up to their reputation and warranty  By selecting tile, you are making a choice that increases your home’s value. 

Renowned for trend-setting style, Daltile’s foundation of upscale design and exceptional quality provides you with a broad selection of superior products you can trust.

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FREE CONSULATION: With the thousands of type patterns and choices available, it may be overwhelming to choose type for your home improvement project. Stop into Roe Brothers and we would be delighted to help! Our Design Consultants can show you the latest trends and styles and help you plan to meet your budget and goals. You can even use the Daltile Design Tool Stylizer (link below) to explore the endless possibilities in tile options before you visit us!