How To Transform the Look of Entire Room  Simply With Statement Lighting

In the time that you own your home,  there may be moments that you decide that your house requires an entire upgrade or a room remodel project. And to increase the value of your home for resale, a kitchen or bath re-do after 20-30 years is vital. But there are small fixes, at a very affordable price point, that you can utilize to totally transform a room. A “go-to” for many designers; do it yourself enthusiasts; and budget wary consumers is Statement Lighting. 

Statement lighting is a light fixture, fitting or accessory that is eye-catching, bold and unique. And is the focal point centerpiece of an entire room and usually captures your attention with the “WOW” factor,  creating an atmosphere that people want to spend time in. This type of fixture makes a statement about who you are and what you like.


The 4 main types of interior lighting are: General, Mood  Task and Statement 

GENERAL (AMBIENT) LIGHTING: The groundwork or base of any lighting arrangement, meant to provide a background or “glow” over the entire room. (Think, table lamps, recessed lighting, wall scones.)  General lighting is usually direct and can easily be controlled by a dimmer switch to account for changes in sunlight exposure between morning, afternoon, evening and night  throughout the day. 

MOOD LIGHTING: Mood lighting is igniting or illumination, designed to create a temporary state of mind or feeling. This type of lighting creates the atmosphere of the room by relying on  warm, calm, romantic and energized tones. It is not a lighting that an individual usually notices. It is often used on airplanes, spas, restaurants and bars, and in medical offices. 

TASK LIGHTING: Task lighting is direct lighting used for specific functions, such as construction, cooking, office work, or reading in bed. It is used to focus light in a specific direction to perform tasks, and it usually bright enough so that you can SEE what you are doing without straining your eyes. It is a vital part of detail work. 

STATEMENT LIGHTING:  This is the WOW light, the first thing that is noticed when you enter a room. The crystal chandelier, ornate ceiling fans, intricate golden flush mounts, sparkling pendants. They can be Lux. Or Trendy. Or Whimsical. What they call have in common is their ability to convey a homeowner’s taste and type and conversation they often spark!

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